• Micromanufacturing: Applications in propulsion, energy conversion, and healthcare
  • Solid-state energy conversion: Electricity production from thermal, radiative, or chemical sources using no moving parts
  • Design: Innovation, engineering, testing, predictive analysis
experience at the university of pennsylvania
  • Mentor: Prof. Igor Bargatin
  • Thermionic energy conversion
    • Developed, microfabricated, and tested thin spacer films for thermionic energy converters
    • Wrote review article on thermionic energy conversion
  • Relativistic light sail with Breakthrough Starshot Project
    • Developed model to analyze mechanical stress in light sail during acceleration to relativistic velocities
    • Fabricated prototype portions of sail for optical and mechanical testing
  • Duration: August 2019 - present
experience at sandia national laboratory
  • Mentor: Prof. Hope Michelsen (now at the University of Colorado at Boulder)
  • Synchrotron X-ray diagnostics
  • Soot formation chemistry
    • Designed miniature premixed burner and diffusion burner for use in constrained spaces at synchrotron light sources
    • Employed rapid-insertion technique to sample soot from flames and examined these particles using transmission electron microscopy
  • Duration: July 2014 - December 2016
experience at stanford university
  • Advisor: Prof. Ronald K. Hanson
  • Biodiesel oxidation chemistry
    • Conducted shock-tube testing on biodiesel molecules to determine ignition delay times and study combustion product species time histories
  • Spectroscopy of fatty acid methyl esters
    • Redesigned gas mixing manifold and high-temperature/pressure test cell for experimentation
    • Developed model for extrapolating cross section values to larger molecules and higher temperatures
  • Shock tube design and operation
    • Designed and installed the following components:
      • Circular, 20-port, stainless steel, variable-length test section for gas-phase constrained-volume high-temperature/pressure experimentation
      • Stainless steel gas mixing tank for high-pressure, high-purity mixture preparation
      • Circular, water-cooled, stainless steel, 16-port test section for high-temperature/pressure aerosol experimentation
      • Stainless steel tank for aerosol generation and equivalence ratio control
      • Custom gate valves for shock tube flow control and fuel loading
      • Three-pump ultra-low-pressure vacuum system for gas mixing tank
      • Three-pump ultra-low-pressure vacuum system for shock tube
      • 14-connection stainless steel mixing manifold for gas mixture preparation
      • 40-button, relay-controlled, interlocked analog control system for valves and pumps
    • Oversaw installation of one-ton, 20-foot crane for easy component interchanges
    • Programmed LabVIEW Virtual Interfaces (VIs) for data acquisition on 16-channel computer system
  • Duration: April 2009 - July 2014
experience at duke university
  • Solar energy concentrator
    • Advisor: Prof. Josiah Knight
    • Optimized the fluid flow parameters and mechanical orienting mechanism for a solar energy concentrator
    • Duration: August 2007 - December 2007
  • Jet engine program analysis
    • Advisor: Prof. Robert Kielb
    • Contributed toward development of MATLAB graphical user interface-based program to analyze jet engine turbine aeroelasticity
    • Duration: May 2006 - August 2006