About Me

I realize that these plans are far from perfect, and your input is always helpful. Please email me if you have questions or suggestions.

Email: matthew.f.campbell@gmail.com

My Carpetball Story

I started playing carpetball at Camp Forest Springs when I was just in middle school. Like everyone else, I got hopelessly addicted and going home at the end of a week at camp was always tough because I had to leave the beloved table behind. Then I got the crazy idea to build a table at home. After pestering my parents, I got permission (and Dad's help!) and completed the table in our basement somewhere around the summer of 1998.

A few years later, as a senior in high school, my youth pastor asked me to build a table for the youth group at the church because the table at my house had proved so much fun. This prompted me to produce a more formalized version of the plans. At the same time I was starting to get into web design, and thought it would be good to share my carpetball table design on the Internet for free, because at the time no good free plans existed. So I transcribed the plans and diagrams into a digital format, and that was the start of this whole web site thing.

Now I'm on the fifth generation of plans (well, sixth if you count the originals I used back in the day). I'm in graduate school studying mechanical engineering at Stanford University, where I've learned some key skills to shore up these plans even more and work towards greater clarity. But the truth is, no matter how far I get from that original carpetball table in the basement, I always find myself coming back to it for a few great games and a little mayhem. Carpetball is great because you can't really outgrow it- I've seen kids shorter than the table trying to throw the cue ball, and I've also seen grandparents at it too. As for me- I don't plan to stop designing and building things anytime soon, and certainly not quit playing carpetball!

Anyhow, if you have any questions or comments at all about anything, don't hesitate to email me at matthew.f.campbell@gmail.com. Cheers, and happy gaming!