I wish I could say that using a saw or a drill was easy, but it's not and it's risky and you can get hurt- I certainly have! Therefore, I must say that I can take no responsibility for any injuries that are incurred as any part of the building process of carpetball tables or anything related. Since you are putting together the table, it is your responsibility to make sure you do it safely. That said, if you do notice places in the assembly process that are unsafe, or you have any recommendations to make, I always welcome comments and concerns so please send them to me.

Playing Carpetball

Carpetball is definitely a contact sport. If you are standing around or near or even in the same room as the table, chances are you will get hit with a ball, flailing arm, or some other object, and it will hurt. That said, in all seriousness, play at your own risk and have fun but don't get hurt! Basically, I cannot and will not take any responsibility for any injuries incurred while playing carpetball or any of its derivatives. However, as above if you do see methods of design not already mentioned in the plans that could make the table and play safer, please email them to me.

These Plans

As an engineering student, I do my best to make sure that these plans are as robust and accurate as possible. I've been told in an email or two that if you bring the plans to the hardware store and ask them to cut the parts there, everything fits together with no problems at all. However, nobody is perfect and there could be some flaws that haven't come up yet. If you find some, do your best to work around, and make sure you contact me about them quickly! I'll work hard to fix the errors in the plans so no one else has to deal with them. But since I do offer these plans for free, I must say that I cannot take responsibility for any flaws you may find and any problems that occur as a result of them.


I try to make sure that the files you get off of this site are free from errors and viruses etc. However, in the unlikely event that something does creep up somehow, I say here that I cannot take responsibility for it. But you know the drill by now- if you do find a problem, just email me to alert me of the problem, and I will work to get it fixed. Cheers for everything, and happy building and gaming!

Academic Use

My copy of SolidWorks, which I used to diagram this version of the plans, is officially given to me for academic use only. Therefore, any drawings I make and by extension any devices made from those plans should be of some sort of educational nature. I make these plans in order to teach others how to make tables and learn to play carpetball, among other things. Neither these plans, nor any tables produced using them, may be sold for any kind of profit, whatsoever.